Composite Cork Acrylic Tactile

Composite Cork Acrylic Tactile Image

Product Description

  • Composite cork tactiles once again offer the benefits of our TGSI retrofit solutions offering a product requiring no rebates, able to follow ground surface contours and gradients, easy installation, minimal downtime.

  • Highly stable retrofit product can be applied to highly undulating surfaces and or to area’s expecting minor substrate movement.

  • Composite Cork Tactiles offer great wear resistance and durability making them quite suitable for areas experiencing high traffic volumes.

  • Low to medium difficulty to install


  • Dimensions:   300x600x2.5 (mm)
  • Material:       Composition of Cork and Synthetic Rubber
  • Colour:          Ivory, Safety Yellow, Terracotta, Pacific Blue, Saxon Grey.


$38 - $48 per tile, Supply Only